March 2021

 The President’s Perspective           

A big congratulations from the American Police Canine Association to the Martinsville Police Department K-9 Unit for hosting an exceptional 2021 A.P.C.A. Winter K-9 “Sniff-Off”! 

Special thanks to Dustin Tarr, Ryan Manley, Bransom Lee and Michelle Weaver and this year’s business sponsors for all the time and effort that was evident in putting together a top-notch training venue. 

This year’s narcotics detection trials were held March 5-6, 2021 in Martinsville, Indiana.  Nineteen teams competed in this year’s competition.  The association is very appreciative of the lodging and great meals that were provided to our participants.

  Judges for the competition were Scott Adam, Joshua Burke, Robert Lewis, Roger Reardon, Lennie Rivera and Mike Johnson.  The event photographer was Ashley Mills.  Thank you to each of you for assisting in this year’s event.

Awards winners for this year’s “Sniff-Off” were presented to the following three top teams.  “Sniff-Off” Champion Team – Cody Riggle & K-9 Hatchet, Hobart Police Department, with a winning time of 3 min., 59 seconds, 92 hundredths.  “Sniff-Off” Runner-Up Team – Anthony Antonucci & K-9 Rocco, Dyer Police Department, with a second-place time of 4 minutes, 16 seconds, 72 hundredths.  Third place Semi-Finalist award went to Michael Plant & K-9 Barrett, Crawfordsville Police Department with a time of 5 minutes, 26 seconds, 67 hundredths.  Congratulations to each of these awards winners! CLICK HERE FOR FULL RESULTS

The A.P.C.A. Accreditation Board convened on March 5, 2021 in Martinsville, Indiana for Accreditation Board business.  The board adopted new Master Trainer & Trainers Accreditation Standards. See Accreditation Section.  In addition, a committee was also formed to evaluate standards for associate Master Trainers and Trainers accreditation for those disciplines in Cadaver, Accelerants and Search & Rescue. 

The A-Board issued it decision regarding further certification extension waivers.  The Accreditation Board ruling on March 5, 2021 will require all teams to re-certify when the waiver period expires on April 21, 2021. All teams requiring A.P.C.A. Certifications after this date must contact a A.P.C.A. Master Trainer to arrange for certification testing.

The A.P.C.A. Spring Executive Board convened for bi-annual business on March 5, 2021.

Accreditation, Appeals, Membership, Grievance, Treasurer Reports were submitted and accepted by the Executive Board.  The Board was advised per association President Mike Johnson that the 2021 A.P.C.A. Spring Seminar has been cancelled by the Kings Mountain Police Department due to Covid-19 concerns.  The A.P.C.A. 2021 National Training Conference is on schedule for the fall of 2021 in Tinley Park, Illinois.

Until our next update, please stay safe out there and keep training those dogs!

                                                                                         Sincerest Regards, 

Michael D. Johnson, President