The President’s Perspective

March 2020 –


Click Here for the 2020 A.P.C.A. Winter K-9 Sniff Off Results….

The eighteenth annual A.P.C.A. Winter K-9 Sniff Off was hosted by the Vincennes Police Department on March 6-7, 2020.


Twenty narcotics detection teams competed in this year’s event which was very competitive as expected. The association extends a big congratulations to the Vincennes Police Department K-9 Unit, Captain Josh Burke, Michael Caswell, Jonathan O’Brien and Tammy Burke for hosting an exceptional event for our attending teams and Sniff-Off Judges. This year’s event kicked off with a huge and wonderful Friday evening meal with a variety of pizzas, hot wings, chips and salsa and beverages. This year’s lodging accommodations were provided by the Hampton Inn of Vincennes which were impressive and inviting.


Several raffle prizes were also raffled during the Sniff-Off. Each of our participant’s received an APCA Sniff-Off T-shirt. A special thanks also to this year’s judges, Scott Adam, Josh Burke Harvey Holt, Mike Johnson, Denny Kunkel and Rich Ryan who did a great job monitoring and scoring the event. A big thank you to our association photographer Paula Price who photographed this year’s competition. Photos can be viewed and downloaded at no charge on Paula’s website at

This year’s 2020 A.P.C.A. Winter K-9 Sniff Off winners are as follows, Kevin Garber Jr. & K-9 Butch, Hobart Police Department were this year’s first place Champion team with a winning time of 4 minutes, 54 seconds, 60 hundredths and 0 Points.


The second place Runner-Up team was taken by Jeff Eldridge & K-9 Bandit, Crown Point Police Department with a time of 5 minutes, 46 seconds and 78 hundredths and 0 Points.


The Semi-Finalist Award of third place went to David Linenburg & K-9 Blast, Knox County Sheriff’s Department with a finishing time of 5 minutes, 50 seconds and 92 hundredths and 0 Points. Congratulations to each of our winning teams!


On Friday, March 6th the A.P.C.A. Executive and Accreditation Boards convened for the Spring Executive Board’s association business at the Hampton Inn of Vincennes. The Accreditation Board reviewed and approved new Wildlife Detection Certification Standards for Department of Natural Resources K-9 Teams.


See Certification Standards Section to review these new posted standards. The board also extended certification authority to all current APCA Master Trainers in good standing who maintain APCA Accreditation disciplines in odor detection to conduct the approved Wildlife Detection Certification testing.. The APCA Executive Board also convened to discuss association business in reference to the 2020 APCA Spring Seminar in Cherokee, NC April 20-23, 2020. THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED BY THE CHEROKEE NATION DUE TO A LOCAL CORONA VIRUS OUTBREAK IN THE SURROUNDING COUNTIES. REGISTRATION FEES ALREADY PAID WILL BE REFUNDED BY THE ASSOCIATION. FOR THOSE THAT HAVE MADE HOTEL RESERVATIONS, PLEASE ENSURE TO CONTACT THE HOTEL TO CANCEL THOSE RESERVATIONS.

 “Per an A.P.C.A. Accreditation Board discussion and ruling on March 24, 2020, The association’s Accreditation Board is hereby extending all K-9 Teams certifications which are to expire between the periods of March 24, 2020 thru October 1, 2020. This extension shall only apply for teams requiring re-certification only in those certifications they currently maintain.  This does not include new members certifying for the first time or for new certifications a K-9 team is attempting to certify in for the first time. All members must be a member in good standing and be current in their membership dues to be eligible for this onetime extension.  This extension is being offered as a result of the current worldwide corona-virus pandemic which is having critical life-threatening impacts both home and abroad.  We encourage all members and readers to be be diligent in all health precautions as we navigate our way through this health crisis”.


The 2020 APCA National Training Conference was also addressed with the latest updates concerning this year’s conference. Conference information and registration information will be posted in the next few weeks. This year’s conference will be hosted by the Tinley Park Police Department in Tinley Park, Illinois. Dates for this conference are set for October 4-8, 2020. APCA Membership Chairman, Rick Queen is also requesting our members who have recently moved, changed departments or have new phone numbers, to please contact him to provide this needed information. This information is needed to forward annual dues invoices.


The association is working hard to provide you quality training events for 2020. The 2020 APCA Winter Sniff-Off set a new bar standard this year in the quality of training, meals and accommodations that were provided. We will continue to provide you this standard of training and services which you as members deserve and expect from our association. We value each of you as a contributing member and look forward to seeing you at our yearly events.

Until our next update, stay safe and keep training those dogs!

Sincerest Regards,

Michael D. Johnson, President