July 2020

The President’s Perspective 

Since our last update, the association has continued its certification testing throughout the country for those agencies requesting them.  During the months of May and June, the A.P.C.A. conducted several certifications in the states of Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Rhode Island, South Carolina, and Wisconsin. 


The association wishes to recognize and congratulate the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources which became the first agency in the American Police Canine Association to certify in Wildlife Detection. 


Teams certified in multiple wildlife detection testing areas with numerous wildlife testing standards.  In addition, the department’s units also certified in article search, obedience, and tracking.


Many of our association’s members have continued their department K-9 maintenance training schedules during our covid-19 pandemic.  As of this update, we are pleased to report that no members of our association have tested positive for this virus. 


We encourage each of our members to continue to exercise precaution measures to minimize their exposure when working with others in K-9 training and work-related duties.  


The Honor Page of the A.P.C.A. website recognizes K-9 teams that have retired or passed from working service.  The association placed several teams to this list in the month of June.  We salute and recognize each team who has professionally served as law enforcement K-9 Teams.  Thank you for your service and commitment to your local communities and the nation.  


You may have noticed that the website has been gradually changing in appearance.  One of these changes has been a newly designed national logo and changes of photos in the header section. 


We have also added a Contact Us link and a Hero Dogs section in our viewing categories.  If you recently have become a member of this association and have not received a certificate of membership or your magazine subscriptions, please contact us on this website and provide us your name and contact information so that we can get these materials to you.


As a reminder stemming from Covid-19 concerns, the A.P.C.A. Accreditation Board approved on March 24, 2020 an extension on all A.P.C.A. certifications which were set to expire during the period of March 24, 2020 thru October 1, 2020.  All certifications that were to expire during this period are currently being authorized as valid until October 1, 2020, in which after this date, certifications would be required by all teams requiring re-certifications. 


The Accreditation Board will review this extension period again before the October 1, 2020 extension date and make the determination as to authorizing a second extension period for those K-9 team certifications expiring after October 1, 2020.


Until our next update, please stay safe out there and keep training those dogs!                        

Sincerest Regards,



Michael D. Johnson, President